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Flemington Sportsbet offers plenty of live betting options that allow punters to get their bets on after an event has started. Flemington Sportsbet offers live NRL betting, live AFL betting, live cricket betting, live NBA betting, live MLB betting, live NFL betting, live NHL betting and much, much more.

Live betting couldn’t be easier. Just set up an account with Flemington Sportsbet and call up anytime on (03) 9214 0005 for a quote on the event you are after. Flemington Sportsbet will be covering all the big events live.

A top-of-the-table NRL clash? Flemington Sportsbet has live NRL betting. An AFL blockbuster? Flemington Sportsbet has live AFL betting. The Boxing Day Test? Flemington Sportsbet has live cricket betting. The World Series? Flemington Sportsbet has live MLB betting. The Super Bowl? Flemington Sportsbet has live NFL betting.

Live NRL Betting

There is nothing more annoying to a punter who understands rugby league than not being able to get a bet on once a game has started. For some it is because you have lost track of time and couldn’t get your bet on in time. For others it is because you have been stuck at a dinner party until half-time. There are those who prefer to get a feel for a match before betting. And there are those who think there is value in betting their team after they fall behind.

For all those punters and anyone who enjoys live betting on rugby league, Flemington Sportsbet offers live NRL betting each and every week.

Flemington Sportsbet provides live NRL betting on all matches televised live. Simply call up at anytime throughout a match on (03) 9214 0005 for all your live NRL betting needs.

Live NRL betting provides plenty of opportunities for punters, particularly those who fancy a team is on the verge of a comeback or those punters who see a favourite playing poorly early on and fancy there is plenty of value in backing the outsider. The Penrith Panthers got out to 17.0 in live NRL betting in their match with the New Zealand Warriors when the Warriors led 32-6 with 25 minutes to play. The Panthers staged a miraculous comeback to draw the match 32-32.

At Flemington Sportsbet you will get not only get live NRL betting but also the most competitive live NRL betting odds in Australia. Flemington Sportsbet prides itself on both its coverage and its competitive prices and when it comes to live NRL betting there is no place better than Flemington Sportsbet.

Live AFL Betting

Two aspects of AFL football that have changed over the last few years are the impact injuries have on matches due to the high number of interchange rotations used and the impact momentum has on matches compared to years gone by. Any injury severely hurts a team due to the reliance on high rotations and one sustained run of momentum can beat an opposition team. Injuries and the run of momentum are critical to AFL betting in the modern game and live AFL betting allows punters to bet factoring in both those elements and many more through live AFL betting at Flemington Sportsbet.

Before live AFL betting, this kind of knowledge would mean nothing. But with live AFL betting now available at Flemington Sportsbet, punters can take full advantage of their AFL knowledge and in particular, how matches are played. Bettors who can read how an AFL game is likely to play out can turn that knowledge into cash by calling Flemington Sportsbet and getting live AFL betting odds for the team you want to back.

Perhaps Richo has a hamstring twinge. Or Chris Judd can't stem the bleeding from a broken nose. Or Barry Hall has lost the plot. If you fancy this will impact the outcome of the match, call Flemington Sportsbet and you can get live AFL betting odds on the spot.

With a majority of AFL matches now shown live on television, there is nothing like live AFL betting. Punters can bet at nearly any point throughout a match by simply calling Flemington Sportsbet on (03) 9214 0005. Live AFL betting is that simple.

At Flemington Sportsbet you will get not only get live AFL betting but the most competitive live AFL betting odds in Australia. Flemington Sportsbet prides itself on both its coverage and its competitive prices and when it comes to live AFL betting there is no place better than Flemington Sportsbet.

Advantages of Live Betting

Most punters will tell you that there is plenty to be gained from live betting. Live betting allows you to get a feel of the match to see who is playing well and who is playing poorly, who looks switched on and who looks like their focus may be elsewhere. Live betting essentially allows you to get a sneak peak on the sporting event you want to bet on before actually laying down your cash.

Some punters like to bet on heavy favourites who fall behind early. Others punters like to bet an underdog who has taken an early lead. There are some bettors who love live betting because they can bet against teams who have wasted their early advantage and there are other bettors who enjoy live betting because they can bet an outsider who has all the running yet is still a juicy price.

Live betting allows you to factor in injuries, momentum, form, attitude and the rub of the green and still get your bet on. You can bet according to the match situation which is a great advantage to the punter. Live betting gives a huge edge to punters who understand their sport and is the main source of betting income for many professionals.

Live betting also allows you to get into a position where you can't lose or allows you to minimise losses on a bet that has gone wrong.

If, in live NRL betting for example, you had backed Canterbury at 2.50 to defeat Melbourne pre-match. The Bulldogs jump to an early 12-0 lead but you aren’t confident they will hang on. You can call and bet the Storm who would likely be better than 2.00 meaning, at level stakes, you can't lose on the game. Similarly, if Storm got out to an early 6-0 lead and the Bulldogs looked very shaky, you can call and back the Storm in live NRL betting and take them at around 1.35 and minimise your losses.

Live betting lets punters take advantage of the wild swings in prices. Astute punters will be able to take full advantage of the odds on offer with live betting and turn an enjoyable night in front of the game into a profitable one as well.

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