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Love Your Horse Betting?

If you love your horse betting then you need look no further: Flemington Sportsbet is the place to be for all your horse racing betting needs.

Flemington Sportsbet has all your horse betting needs. Horse racing betting online has never been as simple or as enjoyable as it is with Australia's best bookmaker, Flemington Sportsbet. Whether it is the gallops or the trots, the big races or the midweek cards, Flemington Sportsbet caters for all your horse betting needs.

Flemington Sportsbet has a full range of horse betting options for all those looking for their horse racing betting fix and for those who do their horse betting online, the multitude of horse betting options are at your fingertips.

Flemington Sportsbet is open for horse racing betting seven days a week and covers everything from the big carnival racedays all the way down to the midweek country meetings. Fixed odds futures are also part of our horse betting product with set prices available up to two weeks before the big group one races.

There is a whole raft of options available for those who like their metropolitan horse betting with Flemington Sportsbet, all of which will ensure you receive the best price in Australia if you manage to find the winning horse. Punters will have a choice of a number of options when horse betting on metropolitan meetings at Flemington Sportsbet:

Best Fluctuation: Do your horse betting before the prices are put up at Flemington Sportsbet and at the track and you can take the top official fluctuation for your selection. No need to worry about getting on at the best price bet. Taking top fluctuation will ensure you get the top price making your horse racing betting all the more enjoyable.

Best of the Totes: With Flemington Sportsbet there is no need to worry about running down to the local TAB to put your bets on as Flemington Sportsbet not only offers you the local tote price but the best tote price in all of Australia. The best of the totes is a wonderful option for those who like their horse betting as they no longer have to curse the punting gods when they see their galloper has paid under on the local tote. Best of the totes is available right up until the jump.

Starting Price Guarantee: For those who like to lock in a price when they are engaging in their horse racing betting, the starting price guarantee is the bet for you. Take the price but rest assured, if it gets out then you will be guaranteed to at least have the starting price. That’s right: you get the best of the price you have taken or the starting price with the starting price guarantee option. Starting price guarantee is available right up to the jump.

Fixed Price: Fixed price is fairly self-explanatory to those who love their horse betting. Take the price on offer and then hope you get a collect.

Flemington Sportsbet also offers plenty of fixed odds futures markets for those who enjoy their horse racing betting on the big races.

Those who want to bet on midweek provincial or country gallops meetings or harness meetings are also well looked after at Flemington Sportsbet. For most provincial meetings, horse racing betting will include fixed price and middle tote options while country gallops and harness meetings will offer middle tote on all meetings.

Those who love their horse racing betting have that much choice. It is impossible not to get a great price at Flemington Sportsbet when horse betting and you will never be left short of horse racing options.

Horse Racing Betting Online

Horse racing betting online could not be any simpler, quicker or accessible than it is at Flemington Sportsbet. It feels at times that the internet was made for horse racing betting. Horse racing betting online is as easy as waking up in the morning. Gone are the days of having to trawl newspapers for information and head out in the rain or the heat to either the track or the tote or the local SP. Horse betting online provides you with all the information you could ever want in the comfort of your own home or office.

For those who like horse racing betting, betting online is the way to go. Everything is on the internet: form, news, video, databases, weather reports, track information. And, most importantly for those doing their horse betting online, the ability to get your bets on and at the top odds is right here at Flemington Sportsbet.

At Flemington Sportsbet, you will have no trouble with your horse betting online. Simply go to , open an account and deposit some funds and click on the "Today's Racing" tab and you are read to indulge in some online horse racing betting. All you have to do is find your race and select which price you would like and send your bet through. You are set and all you need now is for your selection to salute.

One of the big advantages of doing your horse betting online at Flemington Sportsbet is the ease of navigation around the site. All horse racing betting options are on the front page and with a few easy clicks you can find your race and pick your selection and choose your bet amount. Horse betting online with Flemington Sportsbet is that simple.

The Fun of Horse Racing Betting

No form of betting is as engrained into the Australian way of life as much as horse racing betting. Tales of the turf go back to the early colony days and gargantuan punters and the men that took them on have become folk heroes of the racing game. From the biggest punters to the small each-way, once-a-year bettor, horse betting is entrenched in Australian culture because of its egalitarian nature and the hope horse betting brings. We are all equal on the turf and six feet below it, goes the old saying. Horse racing betting is a test of skill, knowledge and problem solving ability with a good dose of luck and barrels of charm.

There wouldn't be too many people in Australia who have not engaged in horse racing betting. Some enjoy horse racing betting every day of the year. Others save it for the Melbourne Cup. Some call themselves professionals and are never without a formguide. Others only bet when they go to the local race day. Others never miss a Spring Carnival raceday but will ignore the horses for the other ten months. Some have not missed a day at the track in a decade. Others stay at home and do their entire horse racing betting online. Some are each-way punters, others win only. Some love their favourites, others the long shot.

Horse betting is a way of life. Don't miss out. Sign up with Flemington Sportsbet today for all your horse betting needs. Horse betting online has never been easier and if you fancy calling up you can do so on freecall (03) 9214 0005.

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